Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Oktober 2022

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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.10.: DPT-TV: Deradicalization with ex-combtants and prevention in the class room

30.10.: Tomorrow is World Cities Day

29.10.: Children’s eyewitness testimony can be as accurate as adults’ or more so – if interviewers follow these guidelines

28.10.: Avoiding a surveillance society: how better rules can rein in facial recognition tech

27.10.: New UNODC Gender Strategy (2022-2026)

26.10.: Operationalizing the Resolution to Reduce Urban Violence

25.10.: Conferencfe: Inclusive and Safer Public Spaces

24.10.: DPT-TV: Right-wing extremist ideologies in nature- and environmental protection

23.10.: Dispersing homeless people fails to stop antisocial behaviour

22.10.: OSCE Policy Brief – Linkages between Violent Misogyny and Violent Extremism

21.10.: Right-Wing Extremism in the Military

20.10.: Hospital emergency departments lack policy and strategies for spotting child neglect or abuse

19.10.: Is urban greenspace linked to lower crime risk in cities?

18.10.: United Nations University : #InterconnectedRisks report

17.10.: DPT-TV: How to foster democracy and social cohesion in schools

16.10.: The ‘Info Defense’ Network: Crowdsourcing Soldiers for the Information War

15.10.: Crime and the scientific method

14.10.: Tackling structural and institutional racism in the EU

13.10.: Perceived injustice: Perception of fairness in Germany

12.10.: Decolonising Funding: Shifting How We Think about Funding Research on Violence Against Women and Children

11.10.: Preventing intimate partner violence improves mental health

10.10.: DPT-TV: Violence Prevention in Schools

09.10.: Virtual conference: Addressing Social Challenges to Improve Community Safety

08.10.: Urban October 2022

07.10.: Global Cybersecurity Forum 2022

06.10.: Safetipin Empowers Women To Create Safe Public Spaces

05.10.: The Changing Face of Urban Security Research

04.10.: 27. DPT Expertise "Children at the heart of prevention"

03.10.: Clickbait extremism, mass shootings, and the assault on democracy – time for a rethink of social media?

02.10.: PODCAST: Protecting young people outside the home

01.10.: What can be achieved with drug prevention?

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