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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

31.10.: How to deal with visual misinformation circulating in the Israel-Hamas war and other conflicts

30.10.: Call for Papers for the 29th German Crime Prevention Congress

29.10.: Woke Antisemitism: A Reckoning

28.10.: The Reducing Crime podcast

27.10.: Fundamental rights and the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine

26.10.: “Arab Clans” in German Media

25.10.: Why research should be informing police practices

24.10.: Germany’s Far Right Is Going Strengthened Into Autumn

23.10.: Call for Papers for the 29th German Crime Prevention Congress

22.10.: Misinformation

21.10.: Illegal, violent terrorist content relating to Hamas-Israel conflict reaches millions on X

20.10.: The Ideology of Mass Murder

19.10.: Belgium: Terrorist shooting underlines tense mood in Europe

18.10.: #SafeSpaces: Forms of cyber violence against women and girls

17.10.: Gaming the system: How the government is failing victims of human trafficking

16.10.: Call for Papers for the 29th German Crime Prevention Congress

15.10.: Event: A new paradigm of Security Research?

14.10.: Childhood verbal abuse as a child maltreatment subtype: A systematic review of the current evidence

13.10.: Today’s white working-class young men who turn to racist violence are part of a long, sad American history

12.10.: Cannabis in Canada: Debunking myths about the real impacts of legalization

11.10.: Factors Affecting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Children and Young People in Northern Ireland

10.10.: Deprivation and Crime: Let’s avoid going round in circles

09.10.: Call for Papers for the 29th German Crime Prevention Congress

08.10.: Save the Date: World Congress of Criminology in March 2025 in Delhi, India

07.10.: New IOM and UNODC guidance to help combat human trafficking through data 

06.10.: Global Cybersecurity Forum

05.10.: Webinar: CPTED Through Criminologists' Eyes

04.10.: October is European Cyber Security Month

03.10.: The housing crisis needs social not technical solutions

02.10.: The illusion of moral decline

01.10.: An Extradition (and a Fentanyl Prohibition) as Mexico Tries a Counterdrug Reset

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