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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

30.04.: The Stockholm Criminology Symposium: Programme available

29.04.: PODCAST: Can the law deliver racial justice?

28.04.: Exploring whether and how Black and White parents talk with their children about race and Black Lives Matter

27.04.: Gendered patterns in explosive violence: a policy brief on understanding the impact of explosive weapons on women

26.04.: Criminology to challenge the status quo of the criminal justice system

25.04.: Hateful graffiti blights communities

24.04.: Decoding Antisemitism: An AI-driven Study on Hate Speech and Imagery Online

23.04.: EU Drug Markets Report

22.04.: With fentanyl, ‘Just say no’ can kill kids

21.04.: Disability and intimate partner violence in fragile states: A multi-country analysis

20.04.: Impact of environmental crime on indigenous women

19.04.: Learning from the Perceptions of Women in Policing

18.04.: Decoding the EU’s most threatening criminal networks

17.04.: Sustainable Protection through innovative, sustainable protection materials

16.04.: ENISA Foresight Cybersecurity Threats for 2030

15.04.: Text mining domestic violence police narratives to identify behaviours linked to coercive control

14.04.: WHO calls for greater attention to violence against women with disabilities and older women

13.04.: UNODC Blue Heart Campaign against trafficking in persons

12.04.: InSight Crime’s 2023 Cocaine Seizure Round-Up

11.04.: International Network for Hate Studies Biennial Conference "Dynamics of Hate: Examining Interdisciplinary Perspectives": Call for Papers

10.04.: OECD Anti-Corruption and Integrity Outlook 2024

09.04.: Global Synthetic Drug Markets

08.04.: UNODC: The relationship between person-centred care for substance use disorders and service outcomes: A systematic scoping review

07.04.: ATLAS Tool to Show Global Patterns of Antisemitism

06.04.: The Effects of Imprisonment: Specific Deterrence and Collateral Effects

05.04.: Lessons from Effective Offices of Violence Prevention

04.04.: WHO Study: One in six school-aged children experiences cyberbullying

03.04.: What Netflix’s ‘Griselda’ Gets Wrong About Women in Organized Crime

02.04.: Networks of Dissuasion: Mapping Online Attacks on Reproductive Rights in France

01.04.: Violence in Haiti: A continuation of politics by other means?

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