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31.01.: Emotional problems in young people were rising rapidly even before the pandemic

30.01.: Ceasefire, Oakland’s gun violence prevention program

29.01.: European Crime Prevention Conference 2024

28.01.: A Roadmap for Operationalizing a “Whole of Society” Approach to Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism

27.01.: Rising organized crime in Cyprus

26.01.: EU Knowledge Hub for the Protection of Public Space

25.01.: Fight against human trafficking: Council and European Parliament strike deal to strengthen rules

24.01.: The Spatial Scale of Crime: Consequences for Ecological Studies of Crime

23.01.: Game Changers 2023: The Cocaine Flash-to-Bang in 2024

22.01.: Roma and Environmental Racism: The Role of the EU Strategic Framework in Ensuring Environmental Rights and Dignity

21.01.: Dark web fentanyl-selling operations have grown rapidly

20.01.: New research sheds light on incel community’s connection to mass violence

19.01.: Trauma, Adversity & Violent Extremism: A Systematic Review

18.01.: Strengthening social cohesion to improve security in cities: 250 European local and regional authorities in Brussels on 20-22 March 2024

17.01.: How disinformation is undermining our cities

16.01.: Global Risks Report 2024

15.01.: Eucrim: European Law Forum

14.01.: The Moskitia: The Honduran Jungle Drowning in Cocaine

13.01.: Gang Violence Explodes in Ecuador

12.01.: Public safety comes from curbing violence, not just reacting to it

11.01.: Save the date! Efus’ 8th International Security, Democracy & Cities conference

10.01.: KrimDok: Online bibliographical reference system for criminological literature

09.01.: ICA WEBINAR: CPTED and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs)

08.01.: Why do some men commit domestic violence? Trauma and social isolation may play a role

07.01.: Fraud is a problem so big we need to start teaching children how to spot it in schools

06.01.: Where You Live Matters: How Racism Is Interrelated With Poor Health

05.01.: Men and women who hold sexist views are less responsive as parents: new research

04.01.: Straw men in organised property crime: using the administrative approach

03.01.: Safe Digital City - How online Hate travels to physical streets

02.01.: Online hate: we need to improve content moderation to effectively tackle hate speech

01.01.: Happy New Year!

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