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30.11.: The Qatar World Cup is beaming misogyny around the world

29.11.: Online Conference on Countering Terrorism in the EU 2022

28.11.: Last DPT-TV: Communities That Care – A Community Prevention Strategy

27.11.: Local alcohol availability related to child maltreatment

26.11.: Facing Death and Dismissal, Mexico's Mothers Keep Searching

25.11.: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

24.11.: Rethinking Research: Exploring the True Meaning of Community Safety

23.11.: WHO: Asia Webinar Series on Supporting Parents and Caregivers

22.11.: Red flag laws and the Colorado LGBTQ club shooting

21.11.: DPT-TV: Violence Prevention in Schools & Sexual Abuse

20.11.: Childhood traumas strongly impact both mental and physical health

19.11.: Trauma and Violent Extremism: Implications for Interventions

18.11.: Gun Violence in the U.S.

17.11.: Global Study: Online Violence Against Women Journalists

16.11.: International Day for Tolerance

15.11.: Climate Action Against Disinformation

14.11.: DPT-TV: Working with offenders to prevent gender based violence

13.11.: Stolen Amazon: The Roots of Environmental Crime in Five Countries

12.11.: Societal resilience in countries during human-made conflicts

11.11.: How Can Surveillance Technologies Perpetuate Police Abuse of Powers?

10.11.: Mass Murder Database Reveals Mass School Shootings Are Not Caused by Mental Illness

09.11.: Police officer resignations have risen by 72% in the last year – why?

08.11.: Reducing Childhood Poverty Could Cut Criminal Convictions by Almost a Quarter

07.11.: DPT-TV: Online Hate and Federal Safety and Security Measures

06.11.: Desistance and the State: Revisiting the Individualization Thesis in Criminology and Criminal Justice

05.11.: EURIEC: Cross-border administrative collaboration against Organised Crime

04.11.: The State of Ransomware in State and Local Government 2022

03.11.: Podcast: Now and Men Current - Conversations about men's lives

02.11.: International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

01.11.: Call for Abstracts: European Conference on Law Enforcement & Public Health

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