Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Januar 2021

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31.01.: Webinar Series: When Climate Change Intersects Crime

30.01.: Dollar Street

29.01.: Free online course on fighting misinformation

28.01.: Generation Z & The Digital Salafi Ecosystem

27.01.: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

26.01.: Corruption Perceptions Index 2021

25.01.: CoronaCrime #89 - Global Solidarity

24.01.: Web conference series on the local roots and impacts of organised crime

23.01.: Fight Racism

22.01.: EUCPN webinar: bullying among minors

21.01.: Call for Papers: Public Space and Placemaking in African Cities

20.01.: Murder, Torture, Rape: A Landmark Conviction on State Violence in Syria

19.01.: Global Risks Report 2022

18.01.: CoronaCrime #88 - children and youth deserve a better future

17.01.: More crime in cities?

16.01.: Winners of the Stockholm Prize in Criminology 2021 and 2022

15.01.: Older adult opioid overdose death rates on the rise

14.01.: The Sexual Violence Research Podcast

13.01.: The interrelationship between counter-terrorism frameworks and humanitarian law

12.01.: A model for predicting burglaries with forced entry in Catalonia

11.01.: CoronaCrime #87

10.01.: SVRI Forum 2022 - Abstract Submission is open

09.01.: Trends in and Characteristics of Drug Overdose Deaths USA 2019–2020

08.01.: Youtuber traps scammer with glitterbombs - 3rd most watched video in 2021

07.01.: The Truth About Stranger Homicide, and Who's Really at Risk

06.01.: EU Security Research Event 2022

05.01.: Why it’s time to make ecocide a crime: for the sake of its victims

04.01.: CoronaCrime #86

03.01.: A Taxonomy for the Classification of Post-Organisational Violent Extremist & Terrorist Content

02.01.: Event: The Changing Threat Landscape of Terrorism and Violent Extremism

01.01.: Happy New Year in which we won't loose hope!

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