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30.04.: Amid spiraling violence, criminologist studies new approaches to gun crime

29.04.: Body language tells us surprisingly little about whether someone is being honest

28.04.: Straw men in organised property crime: using the administrative approach

27.04.: The Local Council for Crime Prevention: an experiment in good governance to prevent crime

26.04.: What Does Environmental Justice Look Like?

25.04.: Chile Hands New Powers to Police as Security Deteriorates

24.04.: How online fraud works and how to prevent it

23.04.: Child sexual abuse: what the data tells us about perpetrators and victims

22.04.: Racism and Ethnic Inequality in a Time of Crisis

21.04.: Justice Navigator: A tool for equitable policing

20.04.: How does urban violence impact choices of cultural participation?

19.04.: The value of criminal history and police intelligence in vetting and selection of police

18.04.: Webinar: To what extent is restorative justice effective in juvenile delinquency cases?

17.04.: Creating Integrated and Safe Neighbourhoods for All Through International Peer Learning Exchange

16.04.: Reporting of dating app facilitated sexual violence to the police

15.04.: PODCAST: Cybersecurity, beyond the 1s and 0s

14.04.: When ‘Just Joking’ Is No Joke: How to Respond to Biased or Offensive Jokes

13.04.: Telehealth Services and Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Associated with Reduced Risk for Fatal Overdose

12.04.: 1 in 4 teens have quick access to guns

11.04.: How to empower parents to make their children more emotionally resilient against extremist influences?

10.04.: Call for Papers: The policing of resistance in everyday life

09.04.: State of Jihadist Groups in Afghanistan

08.04.: Frameworks for crime prevention, security and community safety

07.04.: Antisemitic Incidents Surge in 2022

06.04.: Australian Child Maltreatment Study (ACMS)

05.04.: International Programme of the German Prevention Congress in Mannheim

04.04.: Crime levels and patterns during the pandemic: Evidence from Poland, Sweden, USA and Brazil

03.04.: How to fight racial discrimination

02.04.: Resources to help create safe and inclusive spaces online

01.04.: Edmonton libraries spent $1.5 million in 2022 dealing with results of social disorder

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