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31.08.: Conference: The Launch of Tech Against Terrorism Europe

30.08.: Social Media, Search Algorithms and the Spread of Online Hate

29.08.: Curbing Gun Violence in Omaha: The Empowerment Network

28.08.: Backyarding: Making Urban Safety Matter in Neighbourhood Development

27.08.: International Night Culture Conference

26.08.: Is Gang Legalization Responsible for Ecuador’s Security Crisis?

25.08.: Responding to vulnerability and marginalisation in Area Based Violence Prevention

24.08.: Research by opioid manufacturers distorted authorship and overstated findings

23.08.: Webconference: Preventing discriminatory violence at the local level

22.08.: Schools as Strategic Entry Points for Area-Based Violence Prevention Interventions

21.08.: Racism is a major public health challenge

20.08.: Study: Marijuana use, and abuse, increases among young adults after legalization

19.08.: When AI Facial Recognition Identifies You for a Crime You Didn’t Commit

18.08.: Human Rights Toolkit and Online Counterterrorism Toolkit

17.08.: How parents and educators can keep childcare services safe from abuse

16.08.: Why did conspiracy theories become so important during the COVID-19 pandemic?

15.08.: Efus' Security, Democracy & Cities international conference - Registration is now open!

14.08.: Gun Violence Prevention with a 1-minute gun safety video

13.08.: School Police Prevent Some Violence - But Not Shootings

12.08.: How to talk to boys about misogyny

11.08.: More stick, less carrot: Australia’s new approach to tackling fake news on digital platforms

10.08.: Understanding Conspiracist Radicalisation: QAnon’s Mobilisation to Violence

09.08.: How empathy can help prevent violence in the workplace and in schools

08.08.: European Crime Prevention Award 2023 - Call for Projects

07.08.: International Perspectives of Crime Prevention 12

06.08.: The Index Podcast: Financial Crimes

05.08.: Toolkit on dealing with conspiracy narratives

04.08.: Targeted prevention helps stop homelessness before it starts

03.08.: Playful, portable, pliable interventions into street spaces

02.08.: Mexico's Rising Femicides Linked to Organized Crime

01.08.: Street gangs in South Africa and Canada are worlds apart - but they have a great deal in common

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