Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im April 2021

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30.04.: Efus: Standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

29.04.: White but not quite: Race and illiberalism in Central Europe

28.04.: UNODC Annual Report on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

27.04.: How colonialism is a major cause of domestic abuse against women around the world

26.04.: CoronaCrime #102 - Corona and Migration

25.04.: DPT-TV: International CPTED Association (ICA) Evolution

24.04.: Stopping violence against women starts with learning what misogyny really is

23.04.: Trends in gun sales and gun violence in pandemic America

22.04.: Building Safer Cities Together

21.04.: The Threat of Terrorist and Violent Extremist Operated Websites

20.04.: Kenyan women are calling out the gender-based violence they regularly face

19.04.: CoronaCrime #101 - COVID-19 in the USA

18.04.: DPT-TV: An App for women affected by domestic violence

17.04.: How to combat hate online?

16.04.: Why Does Latin America Dominate the World's Most Violent Cities List?

15.04.: Local governments are attractive targets for hackers

14.04.: Ukrainian female refugees are fleeing a war, but in some cases more violence awaits them where they find shelter

13.04.: One in four women experience domestic violence before age 50

12.04.: CoronaCrime #100 - Authoritarianism and Human Rights

11.04.: DPT-TV: A "SIGN" against sexualized violence

10.04.: Unemployment and Crime in US Cities During the Coronavirus Pandemic

09.04.: Bias be gone! Can our unconscious prejudices be overcome?

08.04.: Ukraine Starts Using Facial Recognition To Identify Dead Russians And Tell Their Relatives

07.04.: Brave Movement calls G7 leaders to end Childhood Sexual Violence

06.04.: Insights into subjective safety in urban space

05.04.: CoronaCrime #99 - Quarantine and Self-Isolation

04.04.: DPT-TV: Violence and Threats against local officials in Germany

03.04.: 100,000 new forms of mobile banking Trojans detected in 2021

02.04.: Their shame and our pride: How the radical right uses emotions for political gain

01.04.: New EU call for proposals focusing on the protection of public spaces

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