Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im September 2023

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30.09.: Call for Papers: Exploring Methods in Crime and Safety Analysis

29.09.: How Volatile Temperatures Shape Violent Crime

28.09.: Webinar: Domestic and family violence risk assessment

27.09.: ‘The Gun Machine’: A Podcast About How America Was Forged by the Gun Industry

26.09.: New White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention

25.09.: Conceptualizing Femicide as a Human Rights Violation

24.09.: Identity crime and misuse in Australia 2023

23.09.: Right-wing hostility toward democracy is growing in Germany

22.09.: Handbook of Preventing Violent Extremism

21.09.: Regulating ChatGPT - The European Liability Regime for Large Language Models

20.09.: Young Researchers Investigate Gender Policies in NYC Schools

19.09.: Planetary boundaries: Six of Nine crossed

18.09.: Peaceful societies through health equity and gender equality

17.09.: Structural racism and iron deficiency anaemia

16.09.: Escobar’s Former Hitman Takes the Road to 'Total Peace' in Medellín, Colombia

15.09.: Today Global Climate Strike

14.09.: Homelessness and CPTED

13.09.: EU Security Research Event

12.09.: The Ecocide Report Podcast

11.09.: EUCPN webinar: public-private partnerships in crime prevention

10.09.: Sweden seeks to stem deadly rise in youth crime

09.09.: The Timebomb That Exploded Twice: Behind The Massacres in Honduras' Women's Prison

08.09.: ICA Conference: Safe cities by people - Registration is open

07.09.: EUCPN toolbox: work-related crime

06.09.: Online Conference: Preventing Violent Extremism in local multi-agency teams

05.09.: Understanding Economic Violence against Women: The need for harmonised definitions and data in the EU

04.09.: World Development Report 2023: Migrants, Refugees and Societies

03.09.: Advancing urban green and blue space contributions to public health

02.09.: ICPC 2022 Annual Report

01.09.: Understanding Psychological Violence against Women

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