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31.07.: Research shows it’s harmful to smack your child

30.07.: Predictive policing: The pitfalls of crime forecasting

29.07.: Email scams are getting more personal – they even fool cybersecurity experts

28.07.: UNHabitat: World Cities Report 2022

27.07.: Misogyny is fueling gun violence in the USA

26.07.: WHO Guide for Journalists on Reporting on Violence Against Children

25.07.: DPT-TV: Prevention of Radicalisation and Extremism in the gaming context and locally

24.07.: What Ethnographers Have Learned from People Who Use Drugs

23.07.: Adversarial Shifts and the Availability of Extremist Content Online

22.07.: Preventing environmental crime – from law into practice

21.07.: Global Gender Gap Report 2022

20.07.: The French State’s Instruments for Combating Islamism: Responses and Shortcomings

19.07.: Protective Factors For Violent Extremism And Terrorism: Rapid Evidence Assessment

18.07.: DPT-TV: How to prevent radicalisation evidence based and in different age stages?

17.07.: Mythbuster - Does crime prevented mean crime displaced?

16.07.: Securing Children's Safety and Rights in Australia's Family Law System

15.07.: Cities: How Urban Design can make People Less Likely to Use Public Spaces

14.07.: EUCPN Toolbox - street gang prevention

13.07.: Sports can help prevent violent extremism in youth

12.07.: COVID pandemic may have hidden a significant increase in child abuse, say doctors

11.07.: DPT-TV: Does burglary protection only start at the front door?

10.07.: Extreme risk protection orders to prevent mass shootings: What does the research show?

09.07.: U.S. Mass Shootings Hover Near Record-Breaking Levels

08.07.: How non-profits are changing the remit of crime news

07.07.: Fewer youth attempt suicide in states with hate crime laws

06.07.: England-wide study first to show link between intimate partner violence, self-harm and suicidality in both men and women

05.07.: PODCAST: Chasing the mafia

04.07.: DPT-TV: Safe Public Spaces and Safety in Nighlife

03.07.: Accused Buffalo mass shooter had threatened a shooting while in high school. Could more have been done to avert the tragedy?

02.07.: Boys, childhood domestic abuse and gang involvement

01.07.: Artificial Intelligence and the Rights of the Child: Towards an Integrated Agenda for Research and Policy

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