Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Februar 2021

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Nachfolgend finden sich die Links zu den im Vormonat veröffentlichten DAILY PREVENTION NEWS in englischer Sprache:

28.02.: What can the West do to help Ukraine?

27.02.: Eight stories crucial to understanding the war in Ukraine

26.02.: Is climate change connected with the increase of violence?

25.02.: Global Knowledge Platform to End Violence against Women

24.02.: Firearms: the leading cause of years of potential life lost

23.02.: The Silence of Organizations – The Difficulties of Organizations to Detect and Unveil Capital Crimes

22.02.: CoronaCrime #93 - Gender Based Violence

21.02.: More than a quarter of women have experienced intimate partner violence in their lifetimes

20.02.: Impatient and risk-tolerant people more often become criminals

19.02.: Can Ordinary Users Effectively Fact Check Fake News in Real Time?

18.02.: Growing up with systemic racism in the USA

17.02.: A Podcast on ensuring the security of public spaces - Vulnerability & Public Space

16.02.: Childhood adversity is a ‘cause of causes’ of adult illnesses and mental health problems

15.02.: CoronaCrime #92 - Organised Crime

14.02.: Crypto theft is on the rise. Here’s how the crimes are committed, and how you can protect yourself

13.02.: Estimating Crime in Place: Moving Beyond Residence Location

12.02.: El Salvador’s ‘maras’ gangs send a message in blood to Bukele

11.02.: Online Conference: Migration and the city

10.02.: Webinar Series: Queering the City: A LGBTQ+ Perspective on Safety and Mobility

09.02.: UNODC Asia Campaign to fight back‍ Ransomware

08.02.: CoronaCrime #91 - Effects of Lockdowns on Mortality Rate

07.02.: Efus Webinar: Dealing with conflicts in our cities – how to prevent or mitigate polarisation?

06.02.: Consolidating cybersecurity and resilience throughout the European Union

05.02.: Online violence against children

04.02.: A web conference series on the local roots and impacts of organised crime

03.02.: Layers of recovery from substance use: People, politics and promises

02.02.: The Stockholm Criminology Symposium: Call for presentations

01.02.: CoronaCrime #90 - COVID-19's impact on Crime Statistics

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