Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Juni 2024

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30.06.: Webinar: Fighting antigypsyism through addressing transitional justice processes

29.06.: Will the Paris Olympics be a terrorist target? These three factors could be key

28.06.: Knife crime has increased in England and Wales over the last decade – here’s how the next government can prevent it

27.06.: Elder fraud has reached epidemic proportions

26.06.: Violence towards refugee and migrant women often goes undetected

25.06.: Two Years On: An Analysis of Russian State and Pro-Kremlin Information Warfare in the Context of the Invasion of Ukraine

24.06.: First Capital Command – PCC: The largest and best-organized criminal organization in Brazil

23.06.: Criminological Highlights of the University of Toronto

22.06.: Webtalk Cities for everyone: Copenhagen What’s So Good About It?

21.06.: Drug Traffickers Producing More Cocaine in Europe: EU Report

20.06.: New research points to failures by YouTube in protecting children from harmful content

19.06.: Webinar: CPTED and municipal governance

18.06.: France in the crossfire

17.06.: European Drug Report 2024: Trends and Developments

16.06.: Surge in physician violence in Nepal

15.06.: Red-carding sex trafficking in Germany

14.06.: Call for Applications: 24 hour Conference on Global Organized Crime 2024

13.06.: Lessons for multisectoral collaboration to prevent violence

12.06.: Beyond the ‘Incel Attacker’: Media Reporting on Cases of Misogynist Violence

11.06.: 2nd Day of the German Crime Prevention Congress

10.06.: 29th German Crime Prevention Congress Starts TODAY

09.06.: Preventing Sexual Violence: A Behavioral Problem Without a Behaviorally Informed Solution

08.06.: Re-defining evidence-based policing

07.06.: Summer Safety Analysis: Chicago Crime Trends

06.06.: Responsible and Safe AI: A Primer for Policymakers in the Global South

05.06.: INDEED Webinar: How to do evaluation of radicaliasation prevention well

04.06.: SVRI Research Grant 2025: Innovative research on the prevention and response of violence against women & children

03.06.: German Crime Prevention Congress starts in 1 week - Registration is still open

02.06.: UN Habitat Annual Report 2023: Local action in a time of crises

01.06.: Evidence-based evaluation of PVE/CVE and De-radicalisation initiatives

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