Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Juni 2023

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30.06.: How to Combat Youth Radicalization Using Learning Psychology

29.06.: Europe's Weakest Border? Smuggling Between Suriname and French Guiana

28.06.: Public space protection: a training platform for local stakeholders

27.06.: World Drug Report 2023 - Latest data and trend analysis

26.06.: International Perspectives of Crime Prevention 12

25.06.: Global Gender Gap Report 2023

24.06.: A Decade of Stagnation: Gender biases remain entrenched

23.06.: The geography of crime in four U.S. cities: Perceptions and reality

22.06.: What free bus rides mean for women

21.06.: Firearms Trafficking in the Sahel

20.06.: There’s a model for governing AI

19.06.: European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2023

18.06.: Outlaw motorcycle gangs and domestic violence

17.06.: Death sentences and executions 2022

16.06.: Germany releases 1st National Security Strategy

15.06.: Honduras Makes Few Advances Against Crime During 6-Month State of Exception

14.06.: Thank you for 2 extraordinary days at the German Crime Prevention Congress

13.06.: Crisis & Prevention - Timely Main Topic of the 28. German Crime Prevention Congress

12.06.: 28th German Prevention Congress starts today

11.06.: Mapping of primary prevention approaches in southern EU Member States

10.06.: Mexico Peace Index 2023

09.06.: DOSE Dashboard: Nonfatal Overdose Emergency Department and Inpatient Hospitalization Discharge Data

08.06.: International Observatory on Information and Democracy (IOID)

07.06.: June is Pride Month - Decriminalize same-sex relationships

06.06.: Documentation of Annual Meeting Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

05.06.: 28th German Prevention Congress starts in one week!!!

04.06.: Indigenous women and intimate partner homicide in Australia: confronting the impunity of policing failures

03.06.: More Than 80% of People Who Inject Drugs Test Positive for Fentanyl—But Only 18% Intend to Take It

02.06.: Teachers' Views on School Safety

01.06.: Victim Support Europe 2023 Annual Conference – ‘Protecting Fundamental Freedoms, a victim’s perspective’

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