Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im März 2021

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31.03.: TikTok algorithm directs users to fake news about Ukraine war

30.03.: One in three children with disabilities globally have experienced violence in their lifetimes

29.03.: CoronaCrime #98 - COVID has worsen Global Inequality

28.03.: Event: 35 years of local urban security policies: What tools and methods to respond to tomorrow’s challenges?

27.03.: Call for papers: Unequal Security? Insecurity, Democratic Responsiveness, and Penal-Welfare Policy

26.03.: Safer Communities with Community Policing - The Lisbon Tool

25.03.: Victim Support Europe Annual Conference

24.03.: Wastewater analysis and drugs — a European multi-city study

23.03.: Ecocide raised at UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi

22.03.: CoronaCrime #97 - Families in the Pandemic

21.03.: Is the welcome to Ukrainian refugees unusually generous — or overtly racist?

20.03.: Webinar: Party drugs and crime

19.03.: Remembering the Christchurch attack, the Ukraine crisis asks the West to rethink its definitions of terrorism

18.03.: Ukrainian refugees at acute risk of exploitation by human traffickers

17.03.: UN Network on Migration calls to prevent migrants from going missing or dying

16.03.: European Anti-Racism Summit

15.03.: CoronaCrime #96: Sad 2nd Anniversary of the Pandemic

14.03.: Call for Papers for Special Issue "Tackling Organized Crime and Human Trafficking"

13.03.: Hate Crime Group and Master Plan for coexistence and improvement of security in schools

12.03.: Building a common front against the digital dimension of violence against women

11.03.: Call for Application to our 27th German Prevention Congress (DPT) is still open

10.03.: European Crime Prevention Conference

09.03.: Experts call on using the international and regional legal framework to stop all forms of violence against women and girls

08.03.: CoronaCrime #95 - Vaccine Nationalism

07.03.: The role of cities in addressing anti-minority and far-right activism

06.03.: Civilians are being killed in Ukraine. So, why is investigating war crimes so difficult?

05.03.: Conflict in Ukraine: Recent Developments and Background

04.03.: DPT-TV and DPT-On-Site - a new and hybrid format for our annual congress

03.03.: Paraguay, Brazil and Dubai Figure into Massive Transatlantic Cocaine Ring

02.03.: The Evolution of Innovative Approaches to Build More Secure and Safer Public Spaces

01.03.: CoronaCrime #94 - Protest Movements against COVID-19 mandates

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