Die Internationalen „Daily Prevention News“ des Deutschen Präventionstages im Juni 2022

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30.06.: The Journal of Public Space: Universally Accessible Public Spaces for All

29.06.: Antisemitic incidents in Germany 2021

28.06.: UNODC World Drug Report 2022

27.06.: DPT-TV: Prevention of Sexual Violence, Abuse & Exploitation of Children and Youth

26.06.: The Information Battlefield: Disinformation, declassification and deepfakes

25.06.: Stopping Child Sexual Abuse Requires a Shift in Funding Priorities

24.06.: Extreme weather and climate events likely to drive increase in violence towards women, girls, and sexual and gender minorities

23.06.: Debunking myths about gun violence

22.06.: RAN Podcast: A holistic look at the P/CVE landscape in Europe

21.06.: What family violence survivors want policy makers to know

20.06.: DPT-TV: Child Protection

19.06.: The Class Conflict Rises When You Turn up the Heat

18.06.: Marseille’s battle against the surveillance state

17.06.: Are parenting programmes enough to prevent violence?

16.06.: The Stockholm Prize in Criminology: Prize winners 2022

15.06.: EU Focus Day: Prevention of domestic burglary

14.06.: What is violence prevention? A new definition

13.06.: DPT-TV: KIKS UP - Teaching prevention playfully

12.06.: UNODC: Combat Waste Trafficking - A Guide to Good Legislative Practices

11.06.: Fear, Social Context (Not Mental Illness) Fuel Violent Extremist Views

10.06.: The Roots of Environmental Crime in the Peruvian Amazon

09.06.: How can digital tools make cities safer and enhance social cohesion?

08.06.: Mexico Peace Index 2022

07.06.: How to stop online extremism from becoming offline violence

06.06.: DPT-TV: Online Prevention

05.06.: Good Example for Community Safety and Well-Being Strategy - Edmonton Canada

04.06.: EUCPN Webinar: Youth Street Gangs

03.06.: Crime rate continues to fall in Germany

02.06.: Safety concerns were top of mind for many Black Americans before Buffalo shooting

01.06.: Perpetrators of family violence sometimes use threats of suicide to control their partner

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