Misogynist and Male Supremacist Violent Extremism: Evolving National Security Threats

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The August webinar of the 2022 Tech Against Terrorism & GIFCT e-Learning series, takes an in-depth look into how misogynist and male supremacist violent extremist actors use the internet to spread their ideologies, as well as the challenges in effectively identifying and moderating such content.

The threat of this violent extremism has grown significantly, alongside the multitude of online spaces dedicated to spreading these violent extremist ideologies. These spaces present a unique threat of networked actors, seeking to spread violent extremist narratives in clandestine spaces. In this webinar, we will discuss the current threat landscape of misogynist and male supremacist violent extremism, with a focus on how offline violence relates to the online world. We will discuss responses to the misogynist and male supremacist violent extremist threat, and why this online content presents a unique content moderation challenge for platforms.

The webinar takes place on August 18, at 5 pm London Time.

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