What we do

The German Prevention Congress (DPT - Deutscher Präventionstag) organises an annual national convention for the field of crime prevention and adjacent prevention topics. The Congress was founded in 1995, twenty-five congresses have taken place by now (see list below).

The aim of the German Prevention Congress is to present and strengthen crime prevention within a broad societal framework. Thus it contributes to crime reduction as well as reducing both the fear of crime, and the number of victims of crime. The main objectives of the Congress are: 

  • Presenting and exchanging current and basic questions of crime prevention and its effectiveness 

  • Bringing together partners within the field of crime prevention

  • Functioning as a forum for the practice of crime prevention and for fostering the exchange of expertise

  • Helping to get into contact at the international level and to exchange information

  • Discussing implementation strategies

  • Developing and disseminating recommendations for practice, politics, administration and research in the field of crime prevention 

Since 2007 the German Prevention Congress is hosting the Annual International Forum (AIF) to address the international audience. The aim of the AIF is to add a international perspective to the German Prevention Congress and to give the opportunity to share experiences in crime prevention on an international level. While the world is growing closer research as well as experience should be disseminated within a broad professional framework. Therefore we ask international experts from all areas of crime prevention to introduce, share and discuss their ideas, goals, outcomes, projects and speeches with other experts and to experience the German modality of crime prevention. All information about the current AIF is to be found here.

So far the following congresses have taken place:

1. German Prevention Congress, 1995 in Lübeck
2. German Prevention Congress, 1996 in Münster
3. German Prevention Congress, 1997 in Bonn
4. German Prevention Congress, 1998 in Bonn
5. German Prevention Congress, 1999 in Hoyerswerda
6. German Prevention Congress, 2000 in Düsseldorf
7. German Prevention Congress, 2001 in Düsseldorf
8. German Prevention Congress, 2003 in Hanover
9. German Prevention Congress, 2004 in Stuttgart
10. German Prevention Congress, 2005 in Hanover
11. German Prevention Congress, 2006 in Nuremberg
12. German Prevention Congress / 1st Annual International Forum, 2007 in Wiesbaden
13. German Prevention Congress / 2nd Annual International Forum, 2008 in Leipzig
14. German Prevention Congress / 3rd Annual International Forum, 2009 in Hanover
15. German Prevention Congress / 4th Annual International Forum, 2010 in Berlin
16. German Prevention Congress / 5th Annual International Forum, 2011 in Oldenburg
17. German Prevention Congress / 6th Annual International Forum, 2012 in Munich
18. German Prevention Congress / 7th Annual International Forum, 2013 in Bielefeld
19. German Prevention Congress / 8th Annual International Forum, 2014 in Karlsruhe
20. German Prevention Congress / 9th Annual International Forum, 2015 in Frankfurt
21. German Prevention Congress / 10th Annual International Forum, 2016 in Magdeburg
22. German Prevention Congress / 11th Annual International Forum, 2017 in Hanover
23. German Prevention Congress / 12th Annual International Forum, 2018 in Dresden
24. German Prevention Congress / 13th Annual International Forum, 2019 in Berlin
25. German Prevention Congress