Livestream: "Designing Security Futures" Conference

Today and tomorrow the  "Designing Security Futures - Framing European Security Through Human-Centred Innovation" Conference is taking place in Brussels and online. This is the final conference of the EU-funded project "Cutting Crime Impact - CCI", in which the German Prevention Congress is partner.

Designing Security Futures explores and discusses the results of CCI with presentations of the eight Tools developed by LEA project partners. It addresses security policy at the EU, state and local levels, introducing a new and extended European Security Model. Policy papers will be launched in four areas: (i) Predictive Policing; (ii) Community Policing; (iii) Crime Prevention through Urban Design & Planning (CP-UDP); and (iv) Citizens' feelings of insecurity.

If you are not able to join the event in Brussels you can follow and watch the conference live via YouTube.

DAY 1 (opens on 24 November at 11am CET): https://youtu.be/S_JDnpBo8jc

DAY 2 (opens on 25 November at 9 am CET): https://youtu.be/gy_2atROBFo

More information and programm can be found here.

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