CoronaCrime #80

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a terrible toll on lives, illness, and economic devastation and it is having diverse effects on violence and crime. Daily Prevention News publishes weekly a Corona Crime Issue dedicated to collect related news and information.

  1. A Case Study in Facebook’s Failure to Tackle COVID-19 Disinformation
    This report aims to examine Facebook’s efforts at tackling false information related to COVID-19 and vaccines on its platform by analysing the presence of a group called the World Doctors Alliance, whose members have spread various problematic, false and conspiratorial claims about the pandemic since March 2020. Source: ISD Global
  2. COVID disinformation and extremism are on the rise in New Zealand. What are the risks of it turning violent?
    As the recent report from research centre Te Pūnaha Matatini showed, there has been a sharp increase in the “popularity and intensity of COVID-19 specific disinformation and other forms of ‘dangerous speech’ and disinformation, related to far-right ideologies”. Source: The Conversation
  3. Austria’s lockdown for the unvaccinated: what does human rights law say?
    As winter sets in across Europe, COVID-19 cases are beginning to rise, despite the vast roll-out of mass vaccination programmes earlier this year. Austria’s government has pointed the finger of blame firmly at the unvaccinated, announcing a new lockdown only for those who have not had the jab. Source: The Conversation
  4. Social Impacts of COVID-19 collection
    COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our societies on many different levels. This collection explores some of the social impacts of the pandemic, including research into the role of COVID-19 in shifting the boundaries of political power, growing levels of poverty, increased social isolation and the demands placed on the third sector. This collection is free to access until 31 December. Source: Bristol University Press

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