Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Stories from the EU’s work around the globe

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Shaken by a surge of terrorist attacks in countries across the EU, Europe has been confronting the consequences of violent extremism (VE) within its own borders in recent years. Yet VE is an urgent challenge facing societies not only in Europe but all over the globe.

Indeed, it is often those regions already struggling with political instability and economic inequality that bear the brunt of extremist ideologies and the violence they can unleash. By working with international partners with local networks, the EU seeks to tackle the root causes of VE across regions, aiming to prevent extremist views from progressing to violence.

At its heart, the EU’s approach to preventing and countering violent extremism is about people. It is about building relationships with local communities and, among them, reaching out to those individuals who are vulnerable to radicalisation so that we can help them build resilience and gain the tools they need. It is the story of these people, of their communities, and of working together for a more stable and secure future. This brochure shares some of these stories.

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