Webinar: Innovating security solutions with human-centred design

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The delivery of security appears increasingly dominated by technology-focused solutions derived from technology-centred thinking. While there is debate on the relevant merits of 'soft' and 'hard' security approaches, the truth is that, depending on the context, delivering everyday security — for example, through effective policing — requires both. Tension exists between a need for humanised, community-oriented and collaborative approaches to constructing security and the top-down, increasingly technology-driven desire to 'militarise' policing.

In a webinar, Caroline L. Davey and Andrew Wootton will share insights gained over the last two decades in using a human-centred design approach to tackling issues of security.

They lead the EU-funded project Cutting Crime Impact (CCI), which has developed new tools to support police process and system improvements — from the training, briefing and management of police officers to the delivery of crime prevention advice.

Davey and Wootton will discuss how a more human-centred approach has enabled a rethinking and reframing of problems previously described from a top-down perspective, so as to better meet the needs of end-users, be they police, policymakers or citizens.

The webinar is hosted by the German Prevention Congress Institute and will take place on March 02, 2021, at 4 pm (CET).

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This webinar is the kick-off event of a series of webinars. Every month toolkits for the prevention of high-impact petty crime and the innovative methodological research practice of the project will be presented. This series is part of the Cutting Crime Impact Project.




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