CoronaCrime #41

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The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has taken a terrible toll on lives, illness, and economic devastation and it is having diverse effects on violence and crime. Daily Prevention News publishes weekly a Corona Crime Issue dedicated to collect related news and information.

  1. Time to establish emotional resilience
    The pandemic-led disruption could be the opportunity to integrate SEL programmes into mainstream education, says Dr. Anantha Duraiappah, Director, UNESCO-MGIEP. Source: The Hindu
  2. Digital Threats & Urban Violence Prevention During COVID-19
    Diverse threats have emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic. Around the world, the pandemic is triggering increases in urban violence. The pandemic also is triggering “infodemics”, including contagious waves of false information about the source of the virus, conspiracies about who would profit from Covid-19, fake cures and anti-vaccine messages. Social media is playing a central role in all of these trends. This brief offers city leaders ideas for and examples of urban innovations in the use of social media to address various forms of violence during the Covid-19 pandemic. Source: Peace in our Cities Campagne
  3. COVID-19 Technology Access Pool
    Since May 2020, the WHO COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), launched by WHO in partnership with the Government of Costa Rica and 40 Member State co-sponsors with the Solidarity Call to Action, has called to action the global community to voluntarily share knowledge, intellectual property and data necessary for COVID-19. C-TAP is intended to provide a means to accelerate the development of products needed to fight COVID-19 as well as to accelerate the scale-up of manufacturing and the removal of barriers to access in order to make products available globally. Sharing information, knowledge, data and other resources is a powerful way to accelerate product development and avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts arising from the absence of such sharing. Source: WHO
  4. Providing Youth with an Opportunity to Shape the post-COVID World
    Just as the advent of the health, economic and societal crisis engendered by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and amplified many pre-existing trends, so we must anticipate this reflected in youth engagement and expectations. The question is whether the crisis will serve to turbo-charge positive change to transform our societies or will it serve to stymie the hopes and dreams of young people, to scar rather than heal. Source: OECD

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