Hate Crime Rates in the US Haven’t Been This High in Over a Decade

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Last year saw the highest number of hate crimes committed in the United States since 2008, according to the FBI’s annual report. It also marked the highest number of hate-motivated murders in the history of the agency’s reporting.

Released Monday, the 2019 data logged 7,314 criminal hate-crime incidents, an increase from 2018’s reported 7,120, but short of 2008’s record of 7,783. Of last year’s total, the FBI suspects 7,103 incidents to have been motivated by a single factor. Nearly 58 percent of victims were believed to have been targeted because of their race or ethnicity; 20 percent because of their religion; almost 17 percent because of their sexual orientation; nearly 3 percent because of their gender identity; and 2 percent because of their ability. A further 211 crimes involved multiple bias motives.

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