Europe Reexamines the Islamist Terror Threat After a Series of Attacks

The recent attack in Vienna and the ensuing discussion concerning the Austrian approach to in-prison de-radicalization programs and potentially dangerous individuals comes at a time of heightened participation in European jihadism generally, and ISIS activity specifically.

France, too, has suffered multiple attacks in the weeks leading up to the Vienna incident, sparking a renewed sense of worry about ISIS activity.

In the United Kingdom, the threat level has been raised to ‘severe’ following the surge in attacks on the Continent.

France has received criticism for its response to the most recent wave of Islamist terrorist attacks, but Austria’s response is remarkably similar, even in tone. Austrian Chancellor Kurz expressed concerns about potential copycat attacks in the coming weeks and appealed to his fellow heads of government in the European Union to “stop the misunderstood tolerance” of political Islam. Kurz called for more measures against political Islam as an ideology that threatens European culture and freedom.

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