Book on Urban Design for Security

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The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission intends to publish a book on urban design for security. As more and more cities are facing terrorist attacks targeting public spaces, there is the need to align security needs with aesthetics. We would like to promote the concept of security by design - addressing security concerns and providing physical security solutions from the very beginning of the planning and design of a public space. Somewhat similar to the idea of crime prevention through environmental design, we would like to explore opportunities for preventing terrorist attacks through the design of public spaces in the European context.

This survey has a two-fold purpose. One is to understand how aware urban authorities are of the security by design concept and the second is to gather reflections on the particular experiences and challenges that the urban authorities in cities across the EU face.

We will be very grateful if you take a few minutes to fill in the survey. If you think your city can offer a particular case study (for example an urban space developed according to the security by design principles, an urban space which has posed particular challenges etc.), we would love to get in touch with you and develop the idea further.

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