The Reality of Crime Prevention in Morocco

Prof. Dr. Ali Rame
University Mohamed V Agdal
Crimes in Morocco are varied and multiple: multi statistics expressed formally (in 2007 registered more than 323,813 lawsuit criminal, compared to the year 2003 which registered over 336,462 lawsuit criminal).

And diverse in terms of the nature of the crime committed, for the coverage of various traditional crimes (theft, murder, fraud,...), and some modern types of crime (terrorism, corruption,crime,...).
Faced with this reality of crime in Morocco, the government has taken a great importance to fight against crime since the fifties of last century on the basis of the development of criminal legislation (Criminal law, law of Criminal Procedure ), as fundamental principles of the Moroccan criminal policy.

Despite the importance of intervention of the Moroccan authorities by means of criminal legislation, criminal policy remains committed to its restrictive approach which reflects the treatment of crime in the criminal element.

This approach has the disadvantage of the criminal policy in Morocco, and especially a lack of prevention practices in the fight against crime.

But this fact does not preclude another reality of current law in Morocco, which reflects a significant and positive change in recent years by the update and revision of numerous laws related to criminal justice policy toward repressive policy a little preventive criminal.

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