Teen brains and behavior: Translating research into practice

Prof. Naomi E. Goldstein
Juvenile Justice Research & Reform Lab

1. Presentation Prof. Dr. Goldstein
Teen brains and behavior: Translating research into practice
Dr. Goldsteins research focuses on the role of adolescent brain development in legal decision making & legal outcomes. She collaborates with community stakeholders to use social science research to improve Juvenile Justice policy and practice.

2. Prof. (em). Dr. Bernd-Rüdeger Sonnen, Chair, Panel Discussion
The 5th US Juvenile Justice Forum is continuning the transatlantic dialogue. Dr. Goldstein and Marshall Swenson are adressing violence prevention from different viewpoints: MST is a proven blueprint against violence; teen brain development plays an important role regarding effective reactions to juvenile violence and integration strategies. Besides local expert palists, Dr. Rhiner from Switzerland will share evaluation data of MST replications in Switzerland, Mr. Schallert,(MIVEA/University of Mainz) will stress the importance of assessment tools, while Dr. Sonnen introduces the new approach of the German Reintegration Act, focussing on successful integration into society through interdisciplinary centers.
The chances of (international) collaboration and exchange of ideas to support effective ways to deal with juvenile violence and radicalization will be discussed. All speakers and panelists will guarantee an exciting transatlantic-european dialogue and develop common perspectives.

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