Religion in juvenile justice

Dr. Alexander Shytov
Chiang Mai University

This lecture will deal with the practice of religious instruction in a Thai juvenile correction institution. It will describe a set of religious instructions conducted by Buddhist monks as well as by Christian pastors. A brief outline of the content and the methods of the instructions will be given. The lecture will further look at the issue of the impact of religious education on the ethical perceptions of juvenile offenders, and the problem of measuring its value in preventing further reoffending. Lecture will be based on the first-hand observations obtained during a research project conducted in 2005-2007 in Chiang Mai Juvenile Correction Institution together with a Thai law lecturer Boonchoo Na Pomphet. The results were published in Thailand (Shytov, A., Pomphet, B., (2007) Thai Juvenile Delinquency Justice and Its Perception by Minor Offenders Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University) but did not get mass circulation. The lecture will also include fresh observations obtained during the ongoing research “Enhancing Rehabilitation in Juvenile Correction Institution: In Search for Appropriate Legal Framework”, which is currently conducted by the author in the same Thai correction institution.

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