Prevention connects! - The Twinning-light Project ‘Strengthening Capacities of the Ministry of Interior for Crime Prevention’ (Croatia – Baden-Württemberg)

Frank Buchheit
Landeskriminalamt Baden-Württemberg
Ruža Karlovic
Police Academy, Police College

The Twinning Light Project (IPA 20008) was initiated by Croatia as a EU membership candidate with Baden-Württemberg as the partner police organization. Its aim was to strengthen the capacities of the Interior Ministry that holds the stewardship in crime prevention in Croatia. It was designed to develop modern and efficient structures in public administration and to foster state-of-the-art crime prevention.
The project comprised an analysis of the Croatian crime prevention system consisting of several interviews, workshops and a standardized survey with both practicioners and supervisors.
In the 9-month period teams of experts of both police organizations developed a manual of crime prevention and suggestions for an improvement of education and training programs and generated recommendations for improvement and enhancement of performance in the prevention organizational structure and through the implementation of crime prevention. As a side effect the beccaria steps were implemented as a standard procedure for the Croatian police. The dissemination started with five management seminars and a sustainability workshop within the projects lifespan.
The Twinning Light project was a highlight in the ten-year partnership of the Croatian and Baden-Württemberg police in the field of crime prevention and a kick-off for further projects within the stability pact for Southeastern Europe.


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