Congress fees

Congress participation February to September 2021 including both congress days digital and/or present

Regular rate

145 euros

Reduced Rate

75 euros

The reduction applies to job seekers, trainees, severely disabled persons, pensioners, pupils and students. Please send us a proof per email.

Rate for contributors (allocated internally)

95 euros

The rate for contributors applies to speakers (max. 2 persons per lecture), moderators as well as persons who supervise exibition offers (max. 2 persons per information stand, 1 person per poster).
The online registration is open.
Group registrations
Collective registrations can be made for ten or more persons from the same institution. From the tenth person onwards one person is free, from twenty persons onwards two persons are free, etc. For this please contact the DPT-Office.

Refunds are not possible for the 26th DPT, as the digital offer can be used immediately after receipt of payment.