Innovation as a solution to tackle urban security issues

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Urban security is a multidimensional and complex issue that includes various societal factors such as social integration, society’s resilience as well as community awareness and empowerment. Within this context, cities serve as critical actors in tackling actual and perceived security, addressing targeted measures and implementing innovative solutions against all forms of crime and violence.

Since 2018, three European cities have been tackling the issue of urban security primarily by reshaping governance schemes, involving a broader range of stakeholders in the decision-making process and enhancing data collection and analysis of safety threats. Hence, such actions require evidence-based assessment, monitoring and tracking of trends in crime and violence - and most importantly, adopting a bottom-up perspective in increasing citizen’s awareness and capacity building of local communities. Some of the solutions include improving urban planning and building resilient neighborhoods.

Learn more about UIA’s work and progress on implementing urban security policies and strategies in the cities of Piraeus, Tampere and Turin.




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