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This third episode of our new Sexual Violence Research Podcast explores the need for more focused research into violence prevention and the creation of the world’s first Global Shared Research Agenda. Our co-hosts SVRI Executive Director Elizabeth Dartnall and SVRI Grants Manager and Capacity Strengthening Specialist, Angelica Pino talk to Tesmerelna Atsbeha, a senior programme officer on the women’s rights team at the Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, Tina Musuya, the then executive director of The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention in Uganda, and Emma Fulu, founder and executive director of The Equality Institute.

The Global Shared Research Agenda is the result of two years of evidence informed dialogues and discussion about what are the research gaps and priorities for working on violence against women. It has set research priorities for the next five years for fair, effective and relevant research on violence against women in low and middle-income countries. A critical piece of work ensuring precious funding for research in this field is not misdirected.

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