The Dark Side of Environmentalism

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Ecofascism is a term that already many stumble on. Ecofascism has been used as a slur for hardcore ecozealots, much like veganazi, it is sometimes erroneously used to mean eco-terrorism (another loaded term), it has also been used by science fiction writers to refer to dystopian governments that use fascist laws to deal with man-made environmental disasters, and another meaning (the one we are diving into) is the marriage of fascist ideology with environmental issues. Ecofascists accept that ecological catastrophe is coming, but their “solutions” are racist, imperialist, classist, anti-humanist or even genocidal.

Political educator and anti-racism activist Hilary Moore produced a handbook, ‘Burning Earth, Changing Europe: How the Racist Right Exploits the Climate Crisis —And What We Can Do About It’ and if you read it you will better understand how far-right ideologies influence the right-wing understanding of climate change.

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