18th Shell Youth Study Germany

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The 18th Shell Youth Study is subtitled “A generation speaks up”. Once again, the youth of today are forcefully stating their demands with regard to shaping the future of our society and demands the settings for the course needed for this be initiated today. More so now than in the past, many young people attach importance to a much more conscious lifestyle and are clearly and loudly articulating their demands for a sustainable environment and society. A large number of similarities may be observed across all groups, including a growing concern for the future of the environment, a trend towards mutual respect and mindfulness in one’s own life, a strong sense of justice, and a growing urge to take an active role in addressing these concerns.

However, the attraction to populism experienced by some young people cannot be overlooked. In the current Shell Youth Study, we distinguish between young people as “cosmopolitans”, “liberal-minded”, “no clear position”, “attracted to populism” and “national-populists”. A clearly discernible polarisation may be observed between cosmopolitans and national-populists, but both groups taken together make up only about one-fifth of all young people.

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