Gangs to gardens: Kenyan youth shun crime to create green spaces

Until a few years ago, People's Park was a dumping site in the slum northeast of Nairobi - filled with garbage and even human waste - and a crime hotspot. As a young man, Moses Muchina used to rob people who were unlucky enough to have to cross through the Kenyan slum of Korogocho after dark. "Women's handbags and mobile phones were our key targets," said Muchina.

But today, People's Park is no longer a "no-go zone", as Muchina called it. With well-manicured grass, stone paths and trees offering shade from the scorching sun, it has become a popular spot for Korogocho residents to meet and play.

And it was Muchina, along with a group of former gang members, who led the transformation.

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