How communities can prevent gun violence

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Prevention Institute was founded in 1997 in the USA as the national center for developing and advancing the practice of primary prevention. PI strives to shift the overarching mindset and approach to health from one that focuses solely on treating sick individuals, to one that prevents disease, violence and injury before they occur. It is a nonprofit organization that synthesizes research and practice; develops prevention tools and frameworks; designs and guides inter-sectoral partnerships; and provides training, technical assistance, and strategy development to promote innovative community-oriented solutions, better government and business practices, and policy change.

Prevention Institute’s Lisa Fujie Parks and Alisha Somji discuss their experiences working with cities to prevent violence. They emphasize that despite the magnitude of gun violence in the United States, communities can and are using a public health approach to prevent gun violence.

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PI works with communities throughout the country that are reducing gun violence through upstream prevention approaches that go beyond federal policy. Learn more about PI’s recommendations on how to prevent gun violence.

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