School violence and bullying: Global status and trends, drivers and consequences

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Creating safe, non- violent, inclusive and effective learning environments for all is a global priority and a specific target within SDG 4 School violence and bullying includes physical, psychological and sexual violence and bullying. Violence and bullying in schools is mostly perpetrated by peers but, in some cases, by teachers and other school staff.

Monitoring progress towards the goal of providing safe, non-violence, inclusive and effective learning environment requires accurate, up-to-date data, which include trend data. Existing data on school violence and bullying are therefore a critical component of these monitoring efforts by the education sector.

This short UNESCO report presents a summary of the latest available evidence on the scale, nature and consequences of different forms of school violence and bullying, the drivers of bullying, and global and regional trends in the prevalence of bullying, physical attacks and physical fights.

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