Public Safety is the Solution for Brazil

Insecurity is one of the number one issues facing Brazilians in the upcoming October 2018 elections. And not without good reason: almost 64,000 citizens were killed in 2017. Yet the security debate is plagued by confusion and polarization. In order to shape an objective and evidence-based debate, the Igarapé Institute partnered with the Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública and the Instituto Sou da Paz to launch a document with proposals based on fact, not fiction. The new initiative - Segurança Pública é Solução (Public Safety is the Solution) - features a series of concrete goals, targets and indicators to sharpen public debate separated into seven priority areas. The strategy document lays out a range of practical approaches to reducing violent crime.

Download the report Public Safety is the Solution (only in Portuguese)

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