Conference: Overcoming Urban Security Threats

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In recent years, terror has advanced from the battlefields and distant countries to major cities in Europe, the US, Asia and elsewhere in the world. Major cities, far from war zones and full of tourists and citizens on their way to work, are suddenly having to cope with the threat of terror. Life in these cities, some of which are ethnically diverse and with a large population of immigrants, is becoming more and more complex. The combination of fear, suspicion, the presence of police and army forces in city Centers, and the need to deploy special security forces, conduct screenings and more, has created a new sense of reality in modern cities.

The MUNI WORLD conference is an annual offline think tank, focused on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing Smart Cities. Mayors and senior officers from cities, get together to reveal proven best practices and exchange expertise. In 2019 the conference will feature a 3-day international program, focusing on areas pertaining to smart cities- innovation, sustainability, strategies and approaches of urban planning, transportation, and a special exhibition and conference about the threats of urban terrorism on smart cities.  

MUNI WORLD is part of the MUNI EXPO which is the annual event of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel [FLAI] and is the foremost of its kind in the Middle East. Attended by some 8,000 senior directors and managers of 257 local authorities in Israel. The Expo’s strength lies in the collaborations formed during the event, and its impact on the daily lives of millions of citizens.

This three-day event is taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, from 26 to 28 February 2019.
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