Training: Local Governance & Sub-National Peacebuilding, Social Cohesion and Violence Prevention

Cities, towns and urban areas are often the worst affected by war. From civilian casualties to destruction of infrastructure, urban areas experience a massive cost of violence. They are increasingly a if not the principal site of battles and destruction in many armed conflicts. Until recently they have also been largely neglected by many peacebuilding programmes and peace processes – which often focus on national-level or rural, community-based processes. At the same time, the potential for sub-national mediation and peace processes bringing about agreement between conflict parties, armed forces/militias and key stakeholders within specific regions, states or sub-sections of a conflict is significant – and the track record of locally owned and driven efforts to stop fighting, prevent violence, and improve security and stability is impressive. The Local Governance & Sub-National Peacebuilding and Peace Processes programme addresses this.

Drawing upon experiences in areas affected by armed conflict and armed violence world-wide, the programme builds upon several key components including: learning from what works; building capacities for city/urban and local community peacebuilding, social cohesion, inclusion and prevention programming; creating localized early warning and prevention systems; enabling effective coordination and cooperation; development of municipal and sub-national infrastructure for peace.

The Training is organised by the International Peace and Development Training Centre (IPDTC) – Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) and will take place from 15th-18th October 2018 in London.

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