Chuka: the unique video game empowering girls against gender violence

Chuka, Break the Silence” is one of UNODC’s most innovative projects. The creative, bespoke video game helps young girls develop ways to respond to psychological, physical and sexual violence while raising boys’ awareness and helping them recognize such situations.

By playing as the character Chuka, a 13-year old female YouTuber and gamer who encounters haters and monsters in a nightmare, children learn to be assertive and to take actions which help them defeat various forms of gender-based violence.

Chuka was designed and produced under UNODC’s  Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration with the Mexico City-based Gargamel Estudio, a renowned women-led developer firm specialized in educational children’s games. It is an engaging game aiming at teaching boys and girls aged 7 to 12 to recognize different types of aggression and to deal with them appropriately, either personally or with the help of trusted adults. The game also looks to build values such as fairness and respect, as well as skills such as critical thinking, decision-making and empathy.

Children can play Chuka as both a browser and a mobile game, downloadable on Android. It will also be available on iTunes.

Play Chuka

More information on the game and the initiative on the UNODC website.


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