Applications for WHO mentorship programme on violence and injury prevention is now open

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WHO's global mentoring programme for injury and violence prevention. Designed to develop key skills by fostering collaboration between committed injury and violence prevention practitioners and appropriately matched mentors.  MENTOR-VIP is designed to match mentees wishing to develop certain skills with mentors who have agreed to devote their time and effort to assist mentees to develop those skills. Matching of individuals is made on the basis of the profiles of mentee and mentor and the overall principles and objectives of MENTOR-VIP. Once a mentorship is awarded the mentee and mentor jointly plan the activities that will be undertaken during the mentorship. A principle of the programme is that it provides a low-cost model for mentoring. Accordingly, mentoring is expected to take place primarily through electronic and telephonic forms of communication and interaction. Mentorships are for a 12 month period and begin in September of each year. Deadline for application is 4 May.

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