Risk assessment of lone actors of terrorist attacks

Violent terrorist attacks committed by lone actors have become an increasing concern across a number of EU Member States. This trend has increased in the light of foreign fighters returning to their home countries. Terrorist groups are actively calling on people to execute acts of violence or terror on their own people. Potential lone actors can be treated by professionals from the health and social care sector before, during and/or after their process of radicalisation. The Radicalisation Awareness Network has published an informative paper on identifying and treating lone actors.

The Health and Social Care sector plays an important role in the prevention of violent extremism. The key challenge for this sector is to interpret signs of radicalisation and help those individuals who might be at risk of being radicalised. The Radicalisation Awareness Network runs a Health and Social Care Working Group (RAN H&SC) which focuses on raising awareness within the health and social care sector and helping establish an effective network of health and social care practitioners across Member States. The group is also promoting partnerships between front-line agencies in the Member States.

More information on RAN and the working group and can be found on the website.

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