Security in Public Space - Role and Tasks of Cities

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Terrorist prevention measures to protect public space should not be exhausted in the en-masse installation of bollards in our cities. Cities need dynamic security strategies that do not only respond to past events but rather anticipate future scenarios of danger and develop appropriate measures to prevent potential threats at an early stage.

The member cities of the German-European Forum for Urban Security (DEFUS e.V.) have agreed on a number of guiding principles in light of the challenge of terrorist attacks in cities, which will form the basis of their further efforts to secure public space. These guiding principles are the result of an exchange of DEFUS members with specialist speakers on 2 March 2018 in Essen.

Detailed version of the guiding considerations of the German-European Forum for Urban Security in English, French and German.

DEFUS is the German branch of the European Forum on Urban Security (Efus). Please find more information about the network of 250 European cities on the website.



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