Confederation of European Probation hosts conference on Electronic monitoring (EM)

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Electronic monitoring (EM) has matured into a commonplace penal tool used widely across Europe and beyond. Its applications appear to be limitless and its purposes diverse.

As a result, it is being viewed increasingly as a panacea for a range of societal challenges within and beyond criminal justice leading to numerous uses including in the areas of mental health, domestic violence, terrorism and immigration and diverse target groups including mental health patients, children and young people, victims of domestic violence as well as offenders.

The expansion of existing and potential target areas and groups and the goals and purposes of EM has contributed to blurring of the normative and operational boundaries within which EM is used.

EM is challenging traditional boundaries including those between:

  • Punishment, control, public safety and rehabilitation;
  • Legal systems (criminal and civil);
  • Private and public sectors;
  • State agencies (police, probation and prisons);
  • Institutions (prisons and secure mental health facilities) and public and domestic spaces;
  • Pre- and post-conviction stages of the criminal justice process

The conference will take place in Zagreb, Croatia from the 16th of April until the 18th of April 2018.  

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