Overview of Crime Prevention at European level

Detlef Otto Bönke
Federal Ministry of Justice, Berlin
Monika Olsson
Ministry of Justice, Sweden

The presentation will give an overview of major activities in the field of crime prevention at the European level. It will provide information about events, conferences and developments within European bodies, especially the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN).

At the 12 th Congress in Wiesbaden there was an opportunity for giving a presentation about the EUCPN, its structure and work. In the meantime, the EUCPN has undergone an evaluation process. In fact the EUCPN is currently undergoing an effective reform process initiated by the Member States. The workshop presents an opportunity for giving informaion on the development and the activities of the EUCPN.

The incoming Swedish Presidency will present its plans and the action to be taken in the field of crime prevention during its presidency of the European council. Furthermore, the contributions aim to provide an overview of other European crime prevention activities.

Discussion should focus on the questions of whether, and how, European and national bodies should foster crime prevention activities, and the cooperation amongst them.


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