6th US JJ Reform Forum - Democratic Prevention Approaches: "The Evidence Based Cross Over Youth Practice Model (CYPM)"

Hon. Judge/Professor Guido A. D'Angelis
Point Park University of PIttsburgh
Petra Guder
Transatlantischer Dialog/GMAD e. V.

Valid national data constitutes the foundation for goal oriented, systematic and successful Cross-over-Strategies swithin the US Juvenile Justice Reform. Examples of evidence based scientific and practice projects illustrate the importance of a comprehensive system networking of Child Welfare and JJ Systems, specifically for youth involved in both systems.

The evidence based Cross Over Youth Practice Model has been replicated widely throughout the Model State Pennsylvania, over 13 states throughout the US and is expanding nationwide with positive and successful outcomes. The concept grasps upon a shared case management protocol and application establishing collaboration between child welfare & JJ systems.

The objectives are to identify therapeutic and criminogenic needs of youth involved in the Child Welfare System or are dull active in both, Child Welfare and JJ. The model has been a proven, valid and effective strategy centered around the childs best interest. The holistic approach is targeting mental health, drug & alcohol issues combined with educational assessments and identification of disparity issues.

The model is one of the most advanced examples to establish independent, self sustaining, and law abiding youth with pro-social skills to achieve a quality of life and to function according to the expectations of a free society through effective system cooperation.

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