Juma Assiago


Juma Assiago is an Urbanist and Social Scientist, a graduate in Sustainable Urban Development from Oxford University (UK). He currently coordinates the Global Safer Cities Programme at UN-Habitat. He has 20 years of experience working in programme development and implementation of citywide crime prevention and urban safety strategies in Africa, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe, as well as built a Global Network on Safer Cities (GNSC). A key outcome of the 25 years of work of the Safer Cities Programme has been the shift in thinking as to how to deliver safety in cities, away from a police and criminal justice system only approach, to one that sees the co-production of safety with local governments as the coordinators, and citizens as the key actors. A key achievement of his work is the adoption of UN systemwide Guidelines on Safer Cities and Human Settlements at the 1st Habitat Assembly last May 2019.