Antisemitic reactions in Germany to the Hamas massacres in Israel

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October 7, 2023, will go down in history as the day with the most Jewish casualties since 1945. In Germany, there were numerous expressions of solidarity with Israel, but also antisemitic and terror-glorifying reactions. On the evening of October 7, for example, chants of „From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free“ and „From Berlin to Gaza, yallah Intifada“ were documented in Berlin.

Many Jews in Germany have a family connection to Israel and have lost relatives and friends on October 7, or are in constant contact with relatives and friends in Israel who are directly affected by the Hamas attacks on the civilian population. At the same time, in view of the glorification of terror and the legitimization of the murders and kidnappings of Jews at demonstrations in Germany and in social networks, the concern about antisemitism in Germany continues to grow.

Against the background of this tense situation in Germany and worldwide, the Federal Association RIAS publishes the present monitoring report.

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